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Để học giỏi một nước ngoài ngữ, chúng ta cần nắm vững những cấu trúc thông dụng của ngoại ngữ đó và áp dụng vào cuộc sống thường ngày thường. Vậy tiếng Anh có những cấu trúc thông dụng gì? Trong bài viết hôm nay, KISS English sẽ share cho các bạn 100 cấu trúc tiếng Anh thông dụng cực hay.

100 cấu trúc Tiếng Anh Thông Dụng cùng Ví Dụ

Bài Tập Áp Dụng 100 cấu tạo Tiếng Anh Thông Dụng

Bài tập nhiều từ giờ Anh thông dụng

1. It was the third time in six months that the ngân hàng had been held _____ .A. Over B. Down C. Up D. Out

2. I always run _____ of money before the over of the month.A. Out B. Back C. Up D. Down

3. It’s taking me longer khổng lồ get _____ the operation than I thought.A. Through B. By C. Up from D. Over

4. I’ve just spent two weeks looking _____an aunt of mine who’s been ill.A. At B. For C. Out for D. After

5. I’ve always got _____ well with old people.A. Off B. On C. In D. Through

6. It’s very cold in here. Do you mind if I turn _________ the heating?A. Down B. Away C. Off D. On

7. They’ve _____ a new tower where that old building used khổng lồ be.A. Put up B. Put down C. Pushed up D. Pushed down

8. Stephen always wanted to be an actor when he ________ up.A. Came B. Grew C. Brought D. Settled

9. The bus only stops here lớn ________ passengers.A. Alight B. Get on C. Get off D. Pick up

10. If anything urgent comes _____, you can contact me at this number.A. Across B. By C. Up D. Round

11. Your daughter’s just started work, hasn’t she? How’s she getting _____?A. By B. On C. Out D. In

12. We had khổng lồ turn _______ their invitation khổng lồ lunch as we had a previous engagement.A. Over B. Out C. Up D. Down

13. While driving to work, we ran out____ gas.A. Up B. Of C. In D. To

14. He died ____ heart disease.A. From B. Because C. Of D. In

15. The elevator is not running today. It is ________ order.A. Lớn B. Out C. Out of D. In

16. I explained ____ him what it meant.A. Lớn B. About C. Over D. From

17. Pasteur devoted all his life _______ science.A. For B. In C. On D.

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18. House cats are distantly related ___ lions and tigers.A. In B. Lớn C. Of D. About

19. Is this type of soil suitable ___ growing tomatoes?

A. For B. About C. In D. At

20. Were you aware _____ the regulations against smoking in this area ?A. In B. With C. Of D. About

21. One meter is approximately equal _____ a yard.A. About B. On C. To D. With

22. Jane doesn’t spend much money _____ clothes.A. Over B. About C. At D. On

23. She always takes good care _____ her children.A. For B. In C. Of D. With

24. William insists _____ getting up early, even on weekends.A. On B. To C. Toward D. For

25. What does this symbol refer_____ ?A. On B. To lớn C. For D. Toward

26. The accident resulted _____ several minor injuries.A. On B. In C. Of D. At

27. Congratulations _____ your success!A. Khổng lồ B. On C. In D. Up

28. Mrs. Liz was accused _____ having stolen the car.A. Of B. With C. In D. Upon

29. We are here to lớn provide you _____ the best service possible.A. Of B. With C. To lớn D. For

30. He has been absent _____ school very often lately.A. From B. On C. In D. With

31. Vehicles also account _____ air pollution in the cities.A. On B. At C. For D. In

32. Last night I was invited _____ a formal get-together & I enjoyed myself a great deal.A. To B. At C. For D. About

33. The police blamed the mother_____ neglecting her child.A. To B. For C. With D. Of

34. They prevented me _____ talking to that woman.A. From B. On C. With D. At

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